aospUI(Grey)Substratum Darkish Theme [+Samsung&Oreo] v446 [P] APK [Latest]

aospUI (Grey) Darkish Substratum Theme[+Samsung&Oreo]

This theme is precisely the person who Google installed Android M 2nd preview and N, prolonged on extra apps, it’s “the previous” O/Pixel Darkish Mode.

Now with not obligatory Google Pixel colours and Android O taste!

The theme installs via Substratum Theme Engine app, that you’ll be able to obtain right here, IT REQUIRES ROOT (with the exception of on OMS rootless and on Samsung Touchwiz Nougat gadget) and/or a Layers or Substratum suitable ROM:

The theme has been examined on many ROMs, together with inventory Google and customized Marshmallow and Nougat ROMs (OxygenOS is supported too, it’s Substratum Legacy even though).
Android 6, 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2 and Oreo (additionally with Andromeda rootless) are supported.
On 7.1-7.1.1 Substratum Legacy ROMs (together with inventory ones) you wish to have to make use of an choice known as Frameworkless7.1RROcompatibility, and it has white notifications.
Unfortunately it isn’t conceivable to lead them to darkish on that choice.
Some producers’ ROM’s aren’t assured to be suitable (the farer they’re from AOSP or Google ROMs, the extra they’re most probably not to be suitable. For those who result in bootloop flash the rescue zip that you simply in finding in /sdcard/Substratum/ (the substratumLegacy one in case your ROM is RRO. Best maximum customized ROMs have OMS, the remainder has RRO) and ask for refund, additionally by way of e mail if you wish to have.

That is the icon pack that you’ll be able to see within the first screenshot, that I for my part made to suit darkish issues correctly: points?identification=com.piereligio.darkpixelip

Themed parts: 

-Pixel boot animation (on OMS most effective);
-Pixel and Nexus ringtones and UI sounds (on OMS most effective);
-14 wallpapers;
-14 accessory colours (Pixel blue and Teal most effective, on FrameworkLess choice);

-Android N-ify XPosed module;
-AOSP Contacts;
-AOSP Dialer;
-AOSP Launcher;
-AOSP Messages;
-Automotive Throttle darkish mode;
-Paperwork/Obtain UI;
-DU Updater;
-ES Document Explorer;
-Fb Messenger;
-Google Assistant;
-Google Calendar;
-Google Chrome;
-Google Chrome Beta;
-Google Contacts;
-Google Dialer;
-Google Pressure;
-Google Stay;
-Google Hangouts;
-Google Inbox;
-Google Launcher/Now;
-Google Mail;
-Google Messenger;
-Google Pictures;
-Google Play Console;
-Google Play Tune;
-Google Play Services and products;
-Google Play Retailer;
-Google Plus;
-Google Translate;
-Kernel Adiutor’s darkish mode;
-N taste notifications;
-Bundle Installer;
-Pixel Launcher;
-Root Explorer darkish theme;
-Samsung Contacts;
-Samsung Keyboard;
-Samsung Telephone;
-Samsung SystemUI with AOSP icons from ohayoubaka;
-Forged Explorer darkish theme;
-Substratum app;
-Telegram (sign up for the chat staff of my issues and ask for the theme there to me);
-Twitter night time mode;
-XDA Labs;

Thanks interested in supporting me.

Layers Substratum AOSP UI Darkish OMS RRO theme inventory Marshmallow Android 6


-Fixes in WhatsApp;
-Fixes in Substratum app;
-Fixes in Google Contacts.
-Fixes in Google App;
-Fixes in YouTube.
-Fixes in Instagram;
-Fixes in Google App;
-Fixes in YouTube.
Fixes in WhatsApp;
-Fixes in Google App;
-Fixes in YouTube.
435-436: App code fixes, no longer fixes within the overlays.



aospUI(Gray)Substratum Dark Theme [+Samsung&Oreo] v446 [P] APK / Mirror

aospUI(Gray)Substratum Dark Theme [+Samsung&Oreo] v432 [P] APK / Mirror


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